Stingray Registration Now Open


Welcome new and returning Stingray families to the 2017 swim season! In case you hadn’t noticed, there is something very special about our team. One of the few neighborhood swim teams in the area, the Stingrays are older than many of our parents (the team was founded in the early 1970s) and boasts 10 champs titles. Stingrays took third at Champs last year.

We think the truly wonderful thing about the Stingrays is watching them grow and improve over the course of the summer. Our littlest Stingrays arrive nervous and thinking that a full lap is a long way and end the season with puffy ribbons at the Champs meet. Stingrays break records. They swim wacky relays and make us weepy on senior night. And oh the Otter Pops. Yes, we can’t wait to give out Otter Pops to Stingrays who improve their times!

This year, we encourage families to get to know everyone on the team. Meet parents with swimmers in different age groups. Show our new families how to do line ups. Ask an older swimmer to share his or her favorite Stingray memory. We are a team rich with personality and tradition. Take advantage of it!

Here’s to a super Stingray season!

Gwen and Traci

Registration Forms and Newsletter

Del Prado Stingray Application (PDF)

Del Prado Stingray Application (Word)

2017 Emergency Release (PDF)

2017 Stingray Newsletter (PDF)

Note these are the same forms that you should receive with your email. They are included here for your convenience.

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Always Looking for New Stingrays

If you know anyone who is interested in joining the team, but is not on our mailing list, please let us know by forwarding their contact information to

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Welcome to 2017


We are getting all set for another exciting season of Del Prado Stingray swimming! There are a lot of new faces, not only new swimmers, but new parents in some of the positions within the team as well. More on that to come.

For now, note that the sign ups for the Del Prado Stingrays swim team will begin soon. If your family has returning swimmers, you will receive an email around the beginning of February and be able to download the application, complete it, and mail it to the appropriate person.


Stingrays take Third at Champs 2016

Hi Swimmers and Parents,

Quick post here as I will see many of you at the awards ceremony in about two hours today. Fantastic swims by one and all today at a very hot 2016 Tri-Valley Swim League championships. Another excellent swim season.

Final Score:

  • Dublin Green Gators 2415.5
  • Club Sport Tidal Waves 2196
  • Del Prado Stingrays 2068.5 
  • Pleasanton Meadow Sharks 2027
  • Ruby Hill Red Raiders 1673
  • Briar Hill Barracuda  1494
  • DBAC Piranhas 1025.5
  • FAST Dolphin 987.5

Individual Times and Results can be downloaded here


Sammy  Stingray


Volunteers Needed for 2017


While the 2016 season is now in our rearview mirrors, we already begin to look ahead to the 2017 season.  It is with sadness that we are losing a few of our veteran Stingray volunteers and we are looking to you to fill these empty spots.  Because these jobs have been so well-run the past few seasons the pain and aches of taking on these jobs has been minimized.  So, why not take a look and see if you can join our coordination team?

Volunteer Coordinator: Two open positions available

Duties include: 

  • creating online volunteer sign ups
  • checking in volunteers at meets
  • ensuring all materials–aprons, line ups, stop watches, etc.–are in place for volunteers
  • training new parents at beginning of season
  • running reports to ensure families are fulfilling obligations 
  • attend board meetings about 5 times a year

Stroke and Turn Judge: Two open positions available

Duties include:

  • train on stroke and turn rules at beginning of season
  • observe swimmers to ensure the rules of the swim style are being observed
  • observe swimmers to ensure the turns of the stroke are in compliance
  • mark DQs for those not in compliance and turn over to computer scorer

If you have interest or want to learn more, please see either Traci or Gwen.


Gwen and Traci

Del Prado Swim Coordinators

Stingrays vs Raiders – Final Dual Meet for 2016


Hi Swimmers and Parents,

Sammy Stingray here. It was a hot one at the Ruby Hill Pool this Saturday, as the Del Prado Stingrays paired off against the Ruby Hill Red Raiders for the final dual meet of the season.

Stingrays young and old were swimming very well. Great job for such a hot day.

Final Score:

  • Del Prado Stingrays 529
  • Ruby Hill Red Raiders 444

Individual times and results can be downloaded here.

Looking forward to cheering for you all at Championship next weekend!


Sammy Stingray